Take a closer look for success

NewarkTakeACloserLookwebNewark – take a closer look for success

Team members:

Ella Jane Mayfield, Photographer

Jonathan Cobb, Printing.com,Newark

Liselle Barnsley, Tailored Marketing Solutions Limited

Collectively, we can boast nearly sixty years of creative experience between us, drawn from every creative possibility, from photography and drawing, graphic design and art direction, to creative copywriting and project management. From the very beginning, our team seemed to gel very well together. Jonathan was our central cog, as he had worked with both Ella and Liselle previously, although the two ladies had never worked together creatively until now.

It was clear to the team that Ella’s photographs would be key to our project. Spookily, our team members seemed to be on the same creative wavelength from the onset as Liselle & Jonathan, via slightly different creative processes, had both presented the idea of our project involving a photomontage using Ella’s photos, and Ella was more than taken with this idea.

After studying the brief, we all agreed that ‘Success’ was our chosen theme and Ella’s photos of Newark’s Sporting Heroes seemed to fit perfectly with what we wanted to achieve.

We also agreed that we wanted to visually represent Newark’s strength and Newark Castle seemed to be the perfect image for that, having been in the town for nearly 1,000 years. Ella provided several thousand images of our sporting heroes for the team to select and we also created individual biographies for each of the 19 sporting heroes we wanted to feature.

The range of sports represented in Newark completely blew the team away: basketball, BMX, boxing, fencing, football, hockey, Irish dancing, kickboxing and K1, netball, motorsport, para canoeing, rowing rugby and tennis, and what was more extraordinary were the levels at which these sports people had represented both Newark, England and the UK at regional, national, European, Commonwealth and World championships – it was truly humbling.

To take our work beyond the traditional 2D and into a more inventive 3D realm, the team discussed lots of options ranging from traditional to more cutting edge: decoupage, layering, making models, blogs and websites, but finally we settled on AR, or Augmented Reality, which we thought would bring our work alive and help it jump off the page, without cluttering the initial concept.

While Jonathan was creating the artwork and sourcing the AR requirements, Liselle, as our wordsmith, began taking our thought processes, discussions, biographies and research and turning them into our explanatory document, designed to show a non-Newarkian why they should be considering Newark for their business investment. She used the tenacity and determination to succeed shown by all our sporting heroes as the basis of this document and has demonstrated how this strength runs through our town’s people. These are the same people who would be employed by businesses in the town.

‘Newark: take a closer look for success’ was the strapline that Liselle created; designed to refer both to the photomontage, Newark Castle seen from a distance, but built from images of local sporting heroes when close up. An electronic version to use as a desktop wallpaper can be downloaded here.

As you look closely, you see the stone structure which has stood in varying forms for nearly 1,000 years, now represented by over 3,000 images of its determined and successful local sporting heroes.

Additionally, the small thumbnails or each sports person hide AR codes, which allow the viewer to delver deeper into Newark’s sporting success and learn more about its determined sporting heroes when they scan the images with their smartphone or tablet. Download the layar app.

We hope that you like the results of our collaboration. As a team, we thoroughly enjoyed working together and creating this representation of the great town in which we live and work – Newark.

~ Ella, Jonathan and Liselle
~ Newark on Trent, July 2013