Netball – Thea Thompson

Netball – Thea Thompson

thea_thompsonNetball – Thea Thompson


“Sport has been a passion of mine since I was little. I’ve played in a lot of sports started with swimming when I was four and since then I’ve played in football teams, gymnastics and cheerleading squad, dancing etc. but I started netball about seven years ago. As I have progressed I have had to choose to leave the other sports and concentrate on my netball, which was a hard choice but one I’m glad I made.


“I started playing for Newark shooters and from there I was put forward for a county trial and got in, I’ve just completed my fifth year is there. In 2011, I trialed for the regional squad, which represents the East Midlands and was successful in being selected.


“Playing for regional has given me opportunities to play amongst girls who are aspiring to be chosen for England. As well as these, I have a club team called should be 10 out all stars, we have just going promotion to be in the nuts premier ladies division and have also won the regional U16s league taking us to the national competition in Norwich.

“I love playing netball because I am extremely competitive and love the game but also because it’s given me so many opportunities to go to different places and meet loads of people. It’s hard work staying at the level I’m at. I have to do lots of things like food diaries and 15 hours of training sessions a week. My school friends think I’m crazy, but I know how important it is and how much I would miss out on if I didn’t keep going. You have to sacrifice a lot but little things like getting interceptions on court and adrenaline before the whistle make it all worthwhile and I wouldn’t change it because I enjoy it so much.”